Hair, Health & Heritage in Havana Tour

Havana, Cuba | May 23rd-27th, 2019


Why do you need to go on the Hair, Health & Heritage in Havana Tour?

You deserve to the see the world, especially in a way that affirms your cultural identity. Traveling should be therapeutic and illuminate your historical connection to people around the world. The Hair, Health & Heritage in Havana Tour is a 5-day opportunity to escape from your daily stressors and voyage deeper into your self-care and health journey with experts in health care, history, and hair care.

Dr. Afiya (clinical psychologist, professor, hairstylist, research-scientist, and the leading subject matter expert on the psychological significance of hair) is offering a certification in PsychoHairapy, using hair as an entry point into mental health care. Trainings utilize 12 hours of multi-media interactive lectures and role play to build foundations in culturally-responsive mental health first aid. This training set within the Cuban landscape is ideal for hair care professionals (barbers and stylists), social media health and beauty influencers, mental health professionals, students, community organizers, and folks interested in learning innovative approaches to healing. 

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Why Havana, Cuba?

In the five years since restrictions for U.S citizens to travel to Cuba were reduced by President Obama, the Black American and Afro-Latinx communities in the States have been working hard to build and reestablish relationships with Afro-Cubans through meaningful cultural exchanges. Travel to Cuba intimately connects you with the beautiful and sensual city of Havana, a city dancing to the rhythms of Afro-Cuban rumba, authentic Cuban cuisine, and the opportunity to connect to the historical traditions of our African and indigenous ancestors. 

The Hair, Health, and Heritage Tour, to Cuba will be facilitated by Dr. Afiya and The African Diaspora Alliance a transnational activist organization centered on building solidarity throughout the diaspora through education and travel. This experience offers curated excursions that no other tour can offer, while simultaneously gaining a revolutionary certification in the realm of mental health. 



All Images are from Diaspora Excursions led by The African Diaspora Alliance.

All Images are from Diaspora Excursions led by The African Diaspora Alliance.

Day 1: Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

(airport pick-up, walking tour of Havana, welcome dinner and mini-lecture)

As you touch down from your flight, you will be transported to a historical landscape on a tropical island. You will be picked up at the airport in a vintage car and driven to your boutique accommodations where you will unpack your luggage and your Havana swag bag. You won’t have to stay in your room for long, because the African Diaspora Alliance will help you stretch your legs on a two-hour guided tour on the colonial legacies of Old Havana. During our walk, we will focus on the contemporary and historical influence of Afro-Cubans. After working up an appetite, your palate will indulge on the cultural cuisine of Cuba during the welcome dinner as you get to know your travel mates better. During dinner, Dr. Afiya will share an overview of the voyage and give a mini-lecture on the relationship between our hair, our health, and our heritage.


Day 2: Friday, May 24th, 2019

(Afro-Cuban dance class, PsychoHairapy workshop, community service project)

After a nutritious Cuban breakfast of fresh organic ingredients and traditional Cuban coffee, the second day of the tour will engage your body, mind, and spirit. First, put on your cardio clothes to learn Afro-Cuban folkloric dance based on the embodiment of the “Orishas” or West African deities that are the basis of Santeria. Hosted in one of the few black-owned dance studios in Havana, participants will engage in a one-hour dance class accompanied by live music with drummers and singers.

After stimulating all of the cells of your body with Afro-Cuban rhythms, Dr. Afiya will facilitate a workshop on culturally-relevant mental health first aid. In this workshop, you will learn the signs and symptoms of common mental health disorders in Black communities and how to attend to these matters in a caring and culturally-sensitive manner.

To close out the structured activities for the day, travelers will engage in a community service project at Los Pocitos. This is an opportunity to engage with the Afro-Cuban community and experience a bit of everyday life in Cuba that is outside of mainstream tours. You will visit an Abakua Temple, a religious space for the Nigerian Efik tradition that has been preserved in Cuba for over a century, and have the opportunity to speak with practitioners of the other two most predominantly practiced religions in Cuba, Palo Monte and Santeria. Lastly, you will experience a private live music presentation of traditional Afro-Cuban drums referred to as “Tambor.”

After these activities, the night will be young and you will have an opportunity to explore the fabulous Friday Havana nightlife.


Day 3: Saturday, May 25th, 2019


(Historical nature excursion, Madame CJ Walker celebration)

We will have an early morning as we journey to the scenic province of Vinales, two-hours outside of the city of Havana for a day long experience and exploration of former runaway-enslaved communities known as “palenques.” This excursion also includes a guided walking lecture on healing herbs and plant-identification, horseback riding, tobacco and coffee farm tour, and a delicious mountain top meal.

Upon our return to Havana, bring your flyest white outfit to celebrate the legacy of our great ancestor Madame CJ Walker. She passed away on May 25, 1919 and this day will represent 100 years since she left this physical plane. To celebrate, we will groove to the sounds of the Afro-Cuban hip hop artists and exchange styles with Afro-Cuban hair artists.


Day 4: Sunday, May 26th, 2019

(Brunch with Cuban film maker, beach, PsychoHairapy workshop)

Have you ever brunched with a revolutionary film maker? Travelers will have Sunday brunch with Gloria Rolando, a well-known Afro-Cuban filmmaker and scholar of the Diaspora. Rolando has made over a dozen films focused on the diversity of the African Diaspora in Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, and the United States. She has been especially honored for her documentary with U.S activist Assata Shakur, “Eyes of the Rainbow.”

There is nothing else like the blue sea and plush sand of a Caribbean beach. We’ll spend a few hours soaking up the sun at the beach, where fresh lobster meals and pina coladas can be purchased oceanside.

Dr. Afiya will offer another workshop to engage in role play and practice the micro-counseling skills of active listening, narrative therapy, mindfulness, and supportive group work.

Day 5: Monday, May 27th, 2019

(Closing breakfast, airport drop-off)

The last day of the trip is always the saddest, but we can share our goodbyes during our closing breakfast ritual and final group lecture with Dr. Afiya on PsychoHairapy. We will make sure that you have enough time to catch your flight back home. Hasta luego!

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What is included?

  • 5 days, 4 nights accommodation

  • Welcome dinner (alcohol not included)

  • All breakfasts

  • Roundtrip airport shuttle transportation

  • All excursions listed in itinerary and necessary transportation/ entrance fees etc.

  • 2 English-speaking Cuban guides

  • Assistance with booking flights and visas

  • Travel Tips and Packing List

What is not included?

  • Roundtrip Flight to Jose Marti Airport in Havana, Cuba (purchase early morning departing flight for May 23rd and afternoon returning flight for May 27th)

  • Cuban Visa (*$50-100 can be purchased at Airline counter*)

  • Alcoholic Beverages and tips 

  • 4 meals (1 lunch, 3 dinners)

  • Room Service

Hair, Health & Heritage in Havana Tour Packages

Solo Accommodations + PsychoHairapy Training Program:

Single Occupancy (you have your own room) - $2,599 ($500 Non-refundable deposit by March 31, 2019; final payment due May 10, 2019)

Single Occupancy (you have your own room) - $2,499 (if paid in full by March 31, 2019- SAVE $100!

Passport Friends + PsychoHairapy Training Program:

Double Occupancy (you will have a roommate) - $2,299 ($500 Non-refundable deposit by March 31, 2019; final payment due May 10, 2019- SAVE $300!)

Double Occupancy (you will have a roommate) - $2,019 (if paid in full by March 31, 2019- SAVE $580!

Passport Friends (without PsychoHairapy Training Program):

Double Occupancy (you will have a roommate) - $1,919 ($500 Non-refundable deposit by March 31, 2019; finale payment due May 10, 2019 - SAVE $680!)

Double Occupancy (you will have a roommate) - $1,819 (if paid in full by March 31, 2019- SAVE $780!) 

All prices are listed per person.



We require a downpayment or a full payment based on the package you select by March 31, 2019. All payments can be made through google pay to: If you have any specific questions in regards to the excursions and travel to Havana, Cuba please email